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Concurrency Work Culture

Author by Leon Harmon

I remember there were days where I dreaded going to work while employed at my previous position. The work environment and the people were not always welcoming. There were also days where I went home hoping to find a different job suited to my passions and talents.

I heard about an IT career fair that took place on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus so I decided to attend. I noticed that Concurrency was there. I had heard positive things about Concurrency from previous co-workers that now worked for the company so I decided to stop by their stand to get more information. They told me about an amazing summer internship opportunity that could possibly lead to a full-time position with the company after college. I immediately recognized this internship as an opportunity to grow in my career and to advance my skill set, so I applied. A couple weeks later, Concurrency reached out to set up a time for my in-person interview.

After going through the in-person interview process, I received a call from one of the Training & Development specialists and she informed me that I got the intern position for their Communication & Mobility team which I was stoked and grateful for. They told me my start date was June 4th and I was looking forward to begin my role as an Analyst Intern.

My first day as an intern at Concurrency was wonderful. I had the chance to learn more about Concurrency's work culture and I realized that the work environment suits my personality! Everyone helps each other to learn new skills or volunteer to help get the job done. Everyone has a chance to excel with the opportunities Concurrency offers, such as earning Microsoft Certifications. Concurrency hosts great social events where the workers come together to laugh, joke, and have fun. Concurrency demonstrates the importance of a healthy work environment where people can wake up and enjoy going to work.

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