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Workaround for Configuring a Modern Calendar into a Classic Page on SharePoint

Author by Megan Stoffel

As I’ve begun to learn about SharePoint and the other Microsoft applications, I’ve realized that the differences between classic and modern SharePoint have been a vital concept to understand. Recently, I was tasked with configuring a modern calendar into a classic page on SharePoint, and this challenge was very helpful to further understand these differences.

1) Create the "Group Calendar" Web Part

Creating a calendar in a modern page is actually a very simple task. When adding a new web part to the page, modern SharePoint has a “Group Calendar” web part option that syncs with Outlook to display the upcoming events from the calendar of an Office 365 group.

2) Create the "Content Editor" Web Part

Navigating to the classic page, add a “Content Editor” web part from the “Media and Content” Category. Within this web part is an option to embed code. To configure the modern calendar into this web part, an iframe snippet needs to be generated. This can be done using an iFrame generator, such as the one found at:

3) Add the iFrame Snippet

Once the iFrame snippet is created, add it to the "Content Editor" web part and watch as the modern calendar is added to the classic page.

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