The 3 P's and How They Can Help in the Workplace

Author by Jasmin Cox

Throughout my life I have been a person that people can come to ask for advice on various topics relating to life. One thing I try to input into those conversations is the 3 P’s; Practice, Patience, and having a Positive Mental Attitude.  Now, the concept of the 3 P’s is something that we have all learned throughout life’s struggles, and yet we consistently forget about them.  Here’s why. 

Specific to American culture, we have all grown up believing that there is this “American dream” we must all attain.  However, in the quest for that dream many of us forget about the basics of living a happy healthy lifestyle and we then slowly become “workaholics.”  With this mindset we tend to build a negative cloud energy around us, and resulting in frustration, irritation, disappointment, and unhappiness towards one’s job.  Here’s how the 3 P’s can help combat those feelings in the workplace.






We’ve all been told growing up that “practice makes perfect,” which never ceases to stay true.  Practice is something we’ve all done since we were kids in school.  We would go to school to learn and then be assigned homework to then practice what we were taught.  This concept doesn’t die because we have an assigned job.  In the workplace, we are hired because we have some sort of expertise in an area, however we are never done learning.  Even when in a workplace setting, we should all strive to learn more about different areas to gain varying perspectives.  One way to do this is by using various training available to you within your field.  As someone in the tech field who works with Microsoft products there are various sights to learn and practice what you both do and do not know. For example,

is a great tool for learning about a variety of applications for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website.  As you go along with your training, then take the time to practice what you learned. I have found that with many people, implementing what you learned with hands-on experience increases their understanding of the topic. Practicing what you are taught makes life in the workplace easier as you further along in your career, but as with all practice there must be some level of patience.






Patience is one virtue that many people tend to struggle with, especially with the progress of the internet.  There is more and more information at people’s fingertips everyday with the help of the internet, and this can foster frustration when things are not moving as quickly as one would like. Having patience will allows you to release your frustration and preventing it from clouding your judgment.  One area of the workplace that patience can help anyone with is when working in teams.  When we work in teams there tends to be a mix of multiple personalities and ways of thinking/doing certain tasks.  If you tend to air on the fast-paced side of things you can very easily get frustrated with someone who works a bit slower than you might.  Having patience in a situation like that can increase camaraderie and prevent hostile actions between coworkers. Pairing patience with practice, you must take your time to learn and understand the material that you are being taught. No one has ever gotten an A in their life because they rushed through the material.  Slow down and be patient, and if you become frustrated due to not understanding the concepts, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Lastly, know that while today may be a rough day and there have been constant blockers in your path, there will always be the day that you look back and say, “It was hard, but I did it.” Having that positive mentality will get you far in life, and you can then clear any hurdle thrown your way.





Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude is probably the most important of the 3 P’s.  It fosters happiness, clarity, and an overall increase in a person’s well-being.  Smiling and laughing are my favorite method to keep this attitude and it helps to create a better atmosphere in the surrounding area.  As mentioned before, the workplace can very quickly become a negative place in someone’s life.  By having a positive mental attitude, it will help to clear that cloud of negativity and provide a clearer path to reaching your end goals. Now while those goals may be blurry for some, that is where we practice and have patience.  You know that by having patience you will eventually get through your hurdles, and by having a positive mindset you know it will get done.  Having those types of positive thoughts is what helps to drive you to finish your days’ work.  Lastly, if everyone has a positive mindset, it will help with the company’s community.  People who consistently think about the things they don’t like about a place will have the darkest cloud around them.  People don’t want to be around that person. This then increases said person’s negative thoughts by adding in the feeling of not being wanted.  If everyone has a positive attitude, then a company will have a higher chance of achieving their goals. Having a positive mental attitude is the most important thing a person can do for themselves and the workplace.


All in all, the 3 P’s will help to increase your own well-being and the well-being of the people around you in all aspects of life and not just the workplace.  Practice makes you smarter than you were before, Patience helps to improve teamwork, a Positive mental attitude will create a better environment.  Use these in your daily life and you are guaranteed to achieve your goals.