What’s New for SQL Server in Azure – December 2015

Author by Kim Claditis

Azure Portal is Released to General Availability

For months, http://portal.azure.com was in preview mode. I’ve watched the new “blades” develop over time, with changes to the functionality. On December 2, Microsoft announced the Azure Portal was in General Availability status.

General Changes

The main page of the new portal is customizable, by adding or removing tiles. Clicking on any of your tiles will shortcut you directly to that resource. It’s a faster way to get to the information you need frequently.



There is a search bar at that top which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. The search box quickly helps you find something when you know the name or description.



I like the more-colorful interface. It’s much easier to identify services based on their icon and its color. For example, selecting a new resource looks a lot different now – and better!



SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse

In the classic portal, there seemed to be a lot of white space on all of the screens. On the new portal, with the colors and blade system, it’s easy to identify what you quickly want to see. Statistics are right on the main page, rather than on a separate tab. The Monitoring area can be further customized with tiles, like the main dashboard can.



Clicking any of the Settings will “slide out” a new “blade” to the right which contains the information you’re looking for.



Classic Portal

Will http://manage.windowsazure.com still work? It does for the time being. There are some services that aren’t available in the “new” portal yet – for example, Azure Active Directory or Backup. (You can check a full list of compatible features here.) Those services are listed when you are looking for a new service, but they will open in the classic portal in a new window.

For the most part, though, services and resources can be created and managed through this new portal – and, as always, PowerShell!

Check out http://portal.azure.com and let me know what you think!


Kim Claditis

Marketing Manager