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PowerShell Basics - Command Structure

Although you've almost certainly used PowerShell by now, you may not be comfortable writing your own commands and scripts.  With PowerShell being the de facto scripting platform for Windows administration, being able to confidently write and execute your own scripts is an invaluable skill.  As networks get larger and larger, the need to increase efficiency is growing, and PowerShell will help get you there.  This is the first in a short series of tech tips to help get you up to speed and confident with PowerShell.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Domain Controller Selection

The process of a Windows client selecting an Active Directory domain controller isn't too complex but is often not fully understood.  Let's look at the way a member server chooses a DC and how this affects applications.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Storage Replica

Storage Replica is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 that does block-level replication between Windows Servers in a few different configurations.  Although it isn't the solution to every replication scenario, it is a versatile technology that helps in a few different cases.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Windows Server 2019

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced the next version of Windows Server in the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC): Windows Server 2019.  Keeping in mind that the LTSC server releases are similar to traditional server versions, this represents the next major release for Windows Server.  This release will include the full Desktop Experience and has 10 years of support.  This is in contrast to the Semi-Annual Channel which only comes in Server Core and gets 18 months of support.  Let's take a look at some of the new features of Windows Server 2019.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Crash Dump Analysis

Extracting information from a memory dump after a server crash is an important part of root cause analysis.  Although this is an advanced topic, and debugging crash dumps is often a very complex task, here we will look at the basics.  This information is enough to get started and debug a simple crash that has a clear cause.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Disabling Windows Update in Windows 10 IoT Core

If you’re working with Windows 10 IoT Core on your devices and have wondered how you can disable Windows Update, well wonder no more! This article will detail out the steps needed to disable this service. First off, I’d like to state that I don’t recommend that you disable Windows Update on your devices running […]

John Adali by John Adali

Study Suggests Windows 10 can Increase ROI for Enterprises

More than 400 million monthly-active devices are now running Windows 10. Recently, Forrester Consulting released a study quantifying impacts of Windows 10 adoption since the platform’s release in 2015. According to Forrester’s first “Total Economic Impact” (TEI) study based on four customers using Windows 10, IT management costs were down, and customers were benefiting from increased security and productivity.

Ted Wentzel by Ted Wentzel

Windows Server Versioning

With the release of Windows Server 2016 version 1709, Microsoft has changed the way the server operating system is versioned and upgraded.  Similar to Windows 10, there are now multiple, distinct servicing channels available for Windows Server.  The two options, the long-term servicing channel and the semi-annual channel, are explained below.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Project Honolulu

Currently in technical preview, Project Honolulu is a web-based server management platform developed by Microsoft.  It provides a simple web interface that allows you to manage multiple Windows servers from a single place. 

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande