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SQL Server 2016 Security Features to Look Forward To

“Psychiatric Hospital Loses Backup Data”…”Cardinals Sack Employee After Hack”…”LastPass Takes Steps to Protect Enterprise Partners in Wake of Data Breach” Headlines such as these are all too common....

Amy Cousland by Amy Cousland

What Should I Monitor in Availability Groups, and How?

Availability Groups contain a lot of moving parts. Planning for them is an involved process, and deploying them involves many steps. However, the real work with AGs begins once you start using them e...

Concurrency Blog by Concurrency Blog

Power BI Analysis Services Connector Rises to the Top

The Power BI Analysis Services Connector (Tabular) is a feature that I’ve been working with throughout the preview of Power BI ever since it was introduced in early March of 2015. Coming from the SQL...

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer

3 Keys to Creating Azure Virtual Machines for SQL Server

When you’re looking to create Azure virtual machines to install SQL Server, it’s best to do some pre-planning. Much like you wouldn’t install SQL Server by clicking Next, Next, Next on every installa...

Concurrency Blog by Concurrency Blog

Get Your Hands on the SQL Server 2016 Preview!

In the last two months, at Build and Ignite, Microsoft offered a taste of the new features and capabilities they would bring to SQL Server 2016. Now is your chance to download the bits and check out ...

Concurrency Blog by Concurrency Blog

Learn Something New With Hands-On Labs!

This week, I re-discovered Microsoft's TechNet Virtual Labs. These are fully-functional labs set up with Microsoft technologies to help you learn something new or brush up your skills in a safe envir...

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