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Concurrency Cafe's IoT Kegerator Showcases Smart Devices in Action

Author by Stephanie Siewert

At Concurrency headquarters, the Concurrency Cafe is a place to gather with co-workers, clients and community members, and the Concurrency Kegerator is admittedly among the venue's highlights. This week, while we continue to eagerly await the day when large groups can gather again, we took the opportunity to showcase a different side of our cafe--how IoT transformed the Concurrency Kegerator into a smart device. It serves as a fitting example of what's possible when you re-imagine product and service offerings to change how you interact and engage with suppliers, distributors and customers to drive intelligence, engagement and marketplace outcomes. 

Concurrency Managing Architect Brian Haydin demonstrated how we're using AI and cognitive services for facial recognition, some simple sensors, and a lot of creativity to re-imagine pouring a beer and capturing and evaluating data via Power BI. 

Interested in learning more? We'll give you a virtual tour...and hope to offer an in-person tour someday soon.