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Getting Started with Office 365 Video

Author by Drew Madelung


The way that people find, interact and consume content is evolving. There is no place that this is more obvious than with video. There is some pretty amazing research being done to back up that statement:

  • According to Forrester Research, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles
  • By 2016, 83 percent of organizations are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning

Let that soak in a little bit...  Have you ever had issues with adoption of a tool or process?  Do you simply put out a quick reference guide or maybe some complex work documentation?  Those above statistics prove that if you aren't using video yet, you need to start looking at it.  And if you are using videos and not using Office 365 Video, you need to start looking at it.

Here are some quick highlights about Office 365 Video

  • It is powered by Azure Media Services
  • It has a great iPhone app that you can view and upload videos
  • It is available as an out of the box solution in Office 365
  • Videos are fully discoverable in search within SharePoint and Delve
  • There is an available Video REST API for developers
  • It is continuously evolving with great changes from Microsoft

Let's look a little more at what Office 365 Video is all about

2016-04-05-19_06_28-Office365-Groups-from-the-ground-up-pptx-PowerPoint.pngThe architecture of Office 365 Video portal is in a 2 tier approach.  It is built with the structure of a root portal (the hub) and subsequent channels where videos are uploaded.  All channels and the hub itself are actually site collections in SharePoint Online.  You can view your hub and channel site collections in the SharePoint Online Admin Center.


To access Office 365 Video use the Video tile in the app launcher.


Once you get to your portal landing page, there are a lot of options to get started.  Here is a breakdown of the landing page by section.



As you can see everything is out of the box and ready for you to get going and the example above is our real-world Concurrency video portal. 

If you are not seeing the tile or want to turn off the Office 365 Video portal, you can adjust these settings in the SharePoint Online Admin Center.


I hope this helps you getting started using the Office 365 Video Portal!

I will actually be presenting on Office 365 Video for the upcoming Collab365 Conference this May. If you want to learn more I would recommend you register for this great FREE event!


Drew Madelung

Technical Architect