• Concurrency, your Post-Merger Technology Integration Partner

    In the complex landscape of post-merger integration (PMI), aligning technological infrastructures and systems is paramount to realizing the full potential of a merger or acquisition. As a trusted integration partner specializing in Microsoft and ServiceNow platforms, we provide project-scoped professional services designed to streamline and optimize your post-deal technology integration, ensuring seamless operations and maximized… Continue reading

  • Leadership is community involvement

    I just finished participating in Summerfest Tech and I was again struck by how powerful the community is at creating acceleration in business. I’m always impacted by the stories that organizations tell and how businesses are able to harness the energy of their mission to create more from the “sum of their parts”. This year… Continue reading

  • Have you tried Your kids likely have

    A few years ago I wrote an article about AI relationships.  At the time it was very emerging, but the horizon for its engagement was clearly around the corner.  Now, we have platforms like, which create AI agents which masquerade as characters from books, TV, or as made-up composites of different personal qualities.  I’m… Continue reading

  • How dead is the college degree in tech?

    A frequent comment I’ve heard from individuals in the tech community is “you don’t need to go to college anymore!  You can just get your understanding of tech from certifications or online training”.  I’ve heard the same in the context of reskilling activities as well, “here’s our AI master-class bootcamp certification and you’ll be ready… Continue reading

  • How Interstellar provides a vision into humanity’s AI future

    “it is not possible… no… it’s necessary”… a line said during the clip below that completely sets the tone of what I’m about to talk about. I’ve said before and I’ll say again that we stand on the precipice of an amazing transformation of the nature of human work. It is critical that we as… Continue reading

  • My Top /BUILD Announcements

    Every year I look forward to Microsoft Build… not just because of the interesting announcements, but because it is an opportunity to see the ingenuity of the human spirit applying ideas and talking about the future. I heard one person say, “they might as well call this Microsoft AI Build” and they are right. There… Continue reading

  • Wisconsin Emerges as Tech and Manufacturing Powerhouse: Concurrency, Microsoft’s Top AI Partner, Leads the Charge Toward Innovation

    Microsoft’s recently announced $3.3 billion investment in a massive new data center campus in Mount Pleasant is just the latest sign of Wisconsin’s rise as a technology leader. But the software giant is doing much more than simply building server farms in the Badger State. In a move that could cement Wisconsin’s reputation as an… Continue reading

  • Persona Mapping is a Secret to Copilot Success

    I’ve written before about the transition of AI skills being similar to previous transitions that technology has created in the economy.  Think about the industrial revolution, transportation, or the advent of the smart phone.  As I’ve worked with companies that are adopting AI, in particular Copilot, I’ve seen companies that have been successful, and those… Continue reading

  • What to use Copilot … and what NOT to write with Copilot

    If I had to say, “tell me how you really feel” about drafting content with ChatGPT or Copilot… this is my blog.  Let me start by saying that Copilot is a fantastic platform for helping draft content and in many cases actually drafting the content. That said, there are cases where it’s a GREAT fit… Continue reading

  • When to shoot the messenger – four behaviors great cultures change

    What is the difference between a great culture and a terrible culture? The best cultures are ones that are based on transparent and honest relationships among people who care about each other’s success and the success of the mission of the business. I’ve heard the term “culture eats strategy for breakfast” before, but never really… Continue reading