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Damon Sanchez

Damon Sanchez

I captured a degree in Illustration and Communication Design from the
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design at a time when the World Wide Web was in its infancy stages. 

With over 18 years of experience as an Interactive and Creative Director working national and international clients like Harley Davidson, John Deere, GE Health Care, Pfizer/Zoetis, BASF and Johnson Controls I have a passion for Conceptual Branding and User Experience.

My daily goals are to provide both highly analytical as well as highly creative ideas to Concurrency’s design and technical engagements by collaborating on UX/UI planning and working with Microsoft solution leads.

Contributions by Damon Sanchez

Three Macro User Personas Walk into a Bar & the Art of What Makes Us the Same

There is a reason why a lot of classical jokes start out with 3 individuals walking into a bar. It isn’t because the punchline to these jokes are any better than “Why did the Chicken Cross The Road?” or “Knock-Knock… Who’s There…”

It is because by starting the joke out with 3 variations of people it drastically raises the chances that 1 of the cohorts in the joke resembles or has characteristics of someone in the audience.

Damon Sanchez by Damon Sanchez

A User Persona on a User Journey & the Art of Baking a Chocolate Cake

There is no better example of trying to understand the power of a User Journey than Baking Directions in that there are certain steps that make logical sense and some steps that are put forth because they help someone feel comfortable in understanding the process.

Damon Sanchez by Damon Sanchez