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Microsoft Ignite & SharePoint/O365 - Outcomes

Well this blog post is coming in quite late as Microsoft Ignite was a little less than a month ago. But I believe in better late than never and there are some good topics that I wanted to follow up...

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

New OneDrive for Business cmdlets

I stumbled across a new topic on Technet that I have not seen being discussed yet and I wanted to share my thoughts. The topic is about 3 new PowerShell cmdlets that are available for Office 365 thro...

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

Office 365 – RMS + IRM + External Sharing

I have began working with IRM policies in Office 365 more often recently and ran into a situation that surprised me. The situation revolved around a document that had an IRM policy applied to it and ...

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

Windows Update & SharePoint Updates

I am updating this post on 3/3/2015 because Microsoft has retracted the statements below in which updates would be released via windows update.  The community has spoken and now: As of March 2015, a...

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

On-Premises SharePoint 2016 Confirmed & InfoPath…?

Earlier this week, Julia White from Microsoft posted a great blog post that covered Microsoft’s vision of SharePoint and Office 365 and how they are evolving together. A primary announcement was made...

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

SharePoint Folders & Metadata - Advantages & Disadvantages

I am asked all the time about working with folders and metadata in SharePoint.  This is a very common question throughout all of the content management as well and not just SharePoint.  In a follow u...

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung