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Charles Bates

Charles Bates

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The Known and Theoretical Future Uses of ChatGPT in ChatGPT’s Own Words 

I am sure that most of you in the tech sector have heard by now of ChatGPT.  It has been in the news recently as being able to pass exams from the Wharton School of Business and the University of Minnesota Law School.  These examples and many others including the potential to be able to cheat on exams or school papers (or even blogs, …cough), have created a lot of hype for one of Microsoft’s newly acquired products.  But what are ChatGPTs potential uses?  Why don’t we let ChatGPT tell us?  The following is word for word what ChatGPT’s response was to: “Write a blog detailing the known and theoretical future uses of ChatGPT.” 

Charles Bates by Charles Bates