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Modern Applications are the cornerstone to keeping customers, employees and partners from going to your competitors. It involves modernizing existing systems, or building new systems from the ground up at the current state of the art. These applications need to allow easy access, provide intuitive interfaces, deliver mobile and tablet support, cross-device integration boundaries and support sensors, and machine interfaces.  

This includes maximum user reach through multiple device channels (mobile and enhanced reality); massive scale and global accessibility through the Azure cloud platform; highly secure sites with unified social, corporate, and federated identity management; and business productivity upgrades through low-touch and high performance workflow applications.

These new applications should be easy to access and log into. They should allow processes to start on one device and be monitored and finished on another. And they should integrate forms, workflow, sensors and transactional systems. ERP and CRM boundaries must not be allowed to impact applications. Instead, Modern Applications should seamlessly cross systems and authentication domains.


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